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New Earth Community’ is a global Cyberspace Community facilitated by Ken Aitken In Australia. See his  story  The Recycled Man …. as of August 2015. It is community of people who have chosen to follow Jesus Christ and we have a Christian Spirituality. We believe and act in the understanding that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago, brought us into being a new way of life. This new way was demonstrated by Jesus when He here on Earth and will come to fruition when He returns.

The focus of Jesus was on an internal, invisible change of heart and not on an external, visible keeping of certain standards and religious laws. The life He presented was an internal one which flowed out in external, visible actions.

The purpose of this community is to provide further thoughts in what it means to follow Jesus Christ in the modern context. There is a great cultural world similarity between the Roman Empire of the First Century and the cultural situation of today’s culture. This is due to the great emphasis of finding ones identity instead of relying on what Father God thinks about you.

New ideas affect our constructs of the mind and these affect the practical outcomes of our life style. What the world needs is actions of people who believe so much with their whole lifestyle in another world that they cannot help but begin enacting now.

Imagine what effect one person applying these principles can have on others. A multiplication effect influencing thousands of people. This could be you. Interested? Join this community at: now.


I was reading through some of the Barna Group research articles and came across this one which I have incorporated into this website for you to read. The article is called:

Americans Embrace Various Alternatives to a Conventional Church Experience as Being Fully Biblical’ It talks about a book which Barna has written called ‘Pagan Christianity’?

Pagan Christianity? contends that most of today’s church practices have no biblical foundation, and in some cases, hinder people from having a genuine experience with God. With extensive footnotes and documentation, the book shows that the following church practices had little to do with scriptural mandate or apostolic application:

  • Church buildings were initially constructed under the Roman emperor Constantine, around 327. The early Christian church met in homes.

  • The pulpit was a piece of stagecraft borrowed from Greek culture in which professional speakers delivered monologues in public debates. There is no evidence that Jesus, the apostles, or other leaders in the early Church used a pulpit; it seems to have been introduced into Christian circles in the mid-third century.

  • The order of worship originated in the Roman Catholic Mass under the leadership of Pope Gregory in the sixth century.

  • Preaching a sermon to an audience was ushered into the church world late in the second century. Sermons were an extension of the activity of the Greek sophists, who had mastered the art of rhetorical oratory.

  • There were no pastors, as an official or director of a group of believers, until sometime in the second century. That was eventually furthered by the practice of ordination, which was based upon the prevailing Roman custom of appointing men to public office.

  • The biblical approach to “communion” or the “Lord’s Supper,” was truncated late in the second century from a full, festive communal meal without clergy officiating to the presently common habit of having a sip of wine and morsel of bread (or juice and a wafer) under the guidance of a recognized clergyman.


I also write about this in my Blog Site:

I trust these articles bless you and to develop new ideas. New ideas affect our constructs of the mind and these affect the practical outcomes of our life style. What the world needs is actions of people who believe so much with their whole lifestyle in another world that they cannot help but begin enacting now.


Ken Aitken (B.Sc.)


To get to know Harriet, my wife and I in Australia as the facilitators  of this New Earth Cyberspace Community, see  my Blog Spot:  The house is also shown  on our personal experiences website at (Note as of 16.04.15 ….  This website has been hacked and is non operational till my son Anthony gets it  fully restored). This website is a free one downloaded from Word Press. On this website are a number of pages with multiple posts under each page such as:


2. MY STORY …. 1949 – 2009

3. OUR HOUSE: Harriet and I are into simplicity and recycling …. less is more.


IMG_0013 (3)

4. RECENT DAY OR WEEKLY EVENTS: These are single day or weekend events that were not on our holiday trips overseas. There are many days and weekends given in photographs and words.



7. TRAVEL: An International Perspective: With the freedom of life we have and having no mortgage on our five acres of land plus a house we built from recycled materials in 1981, Harriet and I have been travelling overseas every two years to see the world. In between we have been seeing parts of Australia which is a very large country.IMG_0066.JPG 50A photograph of Harriet  and I at the excavated city of Pompeii from our May 2005 Australia to Italy holiday. See the Blog Site on this section of our holiday.IMG_0136Visit to Ayers Rock (Uluru)  in Central Australia by Ken and Harriet Aitken in June 2006. This photograph is at  sunrise (about 4 degrees in temperature). The Olgas are thirty kilometres away on the horizon.

Harriet and I flew off to Darwin and the Northern Territory from 1st-13thJune for a short holiday whereby we:

  • Flew up to Darwin from Brisbane on the 1stJune then hired a camper van

  • Then we went down to Kakadu National Park for four days … a Park of rivers, floodplains, cliffs and Aboriginal rock art etc. over hundreds of square kms.

  • We then drove back to Darwin

  • We then caught the train = the Ghan down to Alice Springs (1000 kms. +) which is in Central Australia

  • We then went on a small bus tour to Ayres Rock for several days

  • We then we flew back to Brisbane by the  13thJune ….. Alice Springs to Sydney then onto Brisbane


Note: It is strongly suggested that you  print off  a complete section for reading through at a later date than trying to read the content of this website directly off the computer screen.