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RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER FAITHS:   Islamic and Christian People:

Notes on Islam:

How Islam works: Islam means ‘submission’ . A Muslim is a ‘submitter’. The name ‘ Abdullah’ means ‘ a slave of Allah’.

The Human Problem:

The Qur’an ignorance > guidance > success

The Bible sin > forgiveness > salvation

How Do You Become a Muslim? By saying and believing the following the following statement, the Islamic creed:

‘La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadun Rasulu Allah’ ….’There is no God but Allah, and Muhammed is Allah’s Messenger’.

The ‘Guidance’ Of Muhammed

1. The Qur’an

2. The Sunna:

a. The Teaching of Muhammed

b. The Example of Muhammed

Hadiths are sayings which report the teachings and example of Muhammed. There are 1000’s of these. (Note: if the websites do not come with clicking on them, copy and paste into a separate browser).

See the online database of Hadiths at:

o www.iiu.edu.my/deed/hadith/ …. International Islamic University of Malaysia


o http://tafsir.com …. Qur’anic tafsir (commentary) online …


o www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=15687 ……. An Islamic Renewal?


Versions of The Qur’an: A Muslim claim:

No other book in the world can match the Qur’an …… the astonishing fact about this book of Allah is that has remained unchanged, even in dot, over the last fourteen hundred years …… no variation of text can be found in it. You can check this fact by listening to the recitation of Muslims from different parts of the world. (Basic Principles of Islam, Adu Dhabi, UAE: The Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahayan Charitable & Humanitarian Foundation, 1996 p. 4 bold added)

See articles by Samuel Green:

o www.answering-islam.org/Green/seven.htm

o www.answering-islam.org/Quran/Shia/theology.html

o www.answering-islam.org/Green/uthman.htm

On Jihad and perceptions of Jihad:

o www.danielpipes.org/articles/498

Websites with critical perspectives on Islam:

o www.answering-islam.org ……. Answering Islam Website ….. Spirituality from Jesus Christ vs. Spirituality from Islam

o www.secularislam.org …. ISIS: the Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society Our Mission: We believe that Islamic society has been held back by an unwillingness to subject its beliefs, laws and practices to critical examination, by a lack of respect for the rights of the individual, and by an unwillingness to tolerate alternative viewpoints or to engage in constructive dialogue.

o www.light-of-life.com …. Investigate Islam from a Christian point of view! [ Islam and Gospel | Qur’an and Bible | Islamic Sources | Revealing Islam | Islamic Law | Present day Islam | Answering Islam | Questioning Islam ]

The global divide of the Cold War has been replaced by an older and deeper enmity observes Paul Sheehan.

Op-Eds/Articles …. all these papers should come up directly by clicking the website reference.


Iran: No Bombs, No AppeasementAmil Imani


Hitler and Khamenei : Nazis of Yesterday and Qazis and Ghazis of Today!History of Jihad


Preventing Islamization of Europe: Human Rights IssuesNo Sharia

Muhammad is Allah, Part IAbul Kasem


Islam is a religion of……….WHAT?Warner MacKenzie


History of Islamic Tolerance: The Truths and MythsBilly Rojas


How The UK Threatens US Security; Part 2 [Part 1] – Adrian Morgan


Holocaust Denial and the MuslimsTashbih Sayyed, PhD


How The UK Threatens US Security; Part 1Adrian Morgan


Swedish Pride: Insult, Harassment and Rape of Swedish Girls by Immigrant MuslimsFjordman


How to Debate with the MuslimsIbn Warraq


Islamic Sexual Ethics and the problems of the Kurdish Youth Showan Khurshid


When Ibn Warraq met Edward SaidAdil Farooq


On Fascism and IslamophobiaFjordman


Hitler’s Legacy: Islamic Antisemitism in the Middle EastMatthias Küntze


Daniel Pipes versus Ken Livingstone: Islam-Civilization Clash Debate in LondonAdrian Morgan

  • Islamic theology and Iraqi Christians

As the rising tide of sectarian violence in Iraq pits Sunni against Shi’a, many in the West struggle to understand why religion plays such a part in the violence. In the fourth of a series of special reports on life within Iraq, Barnabas Fund looks at some aspects of Islam that insurgents are using to place a low value on the lives of Christians.

Read the rest of this report at:

http://barnabasfund.blogspot.com/then click on the actual link.

  • RECONQUISTA: Is Islam waging war on the world?

Gandalf Reconquista, September 2006

“A question I’ve asked myself for a considerable time now is: is Islam waging war on the rest of the world? I read the same stories in the media that everyone else read, and apart from a few truly spectacular terrorist events that were well reported, and put down to the actions of “extremists”: nothing much. But I kept having that feeling, so I began to wonder if perhaps I was just paranoid. After all, I told myself, I read the Guardian from front to back almost every day from early 1982 until the Spring just gone. I also listened to BBC Radio 4 – to the virtual exclusion of all else, including television – every day for those same years. Every day I listened to one of Today, World at One, PM, Six o-Clock News, News at Ten, News at Midnight, and occasionally all six. I must be well-informed, I convinced myself, because these are two of the world’s premier media organisations; if there was anything to report, they would have reported it…”

At: http://gandalf-reconquista.blogspot.com


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