V 2.11: The Christian Heritage

The Historical Influence of Jesus Christ. The Christian heritage


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Too many Christians appear almost apologetic about their faith. Christians have cause for celebration. Christianity gave the world the principles of social justice, equality, freedom and democracy, and such institutions as schools, hospitals, orphanages, and the Red Cross, the worlds greatest charities, foreign aid missions.

o Christianity introduced such humanitarian concepts as abolition of slavery, abolition of slums, reduction of poverty, prison reform, abolition of cruelty to animals and abolition of child labour, unsafe factories and long working hours. No other religion has such a record of humanitarian social justice. See the website on ‘Newton, Wilberforce, and the Spirituality of Abolition

Wilberforce was no mere humanitarian; his motivations were much deeper (Part 1 of 2).

o Christianity, gave the world such high principles as duty of care on which most secular laws are founded, and the notion of public liability, protection of the innocent, humane treatment of prisoners, and the dignity of human life.

o Christianity had the world’s first anti-discrimination, anti-racism and Human Rights laws (Sinai Covenant)

o Christianity produced some of the greatest thinkers, scientists, artists, writers, and musicians in human history. Former President of the International Court of Justice at the Hague, Max Huber, was a Christian.

o Christianity gave the world some of the greatest explorers, and opened up the vast resources of the globe to free trade, industry and employment, including (In Australia where I come from): James Cook, Charles Sturt, Abel Tasman, De Quiros, Van Diemen, Joseph Banks and Mathew Flinders.

o Christianity provided the first governors of Australia including Arthur Philip, Macquarie and John Hunter. The father of Federation Henry Parkes, and founder of the High Court Alfred Deakin were Christians.

o Christianity, is the source and inspiration for Western systems of government founded on truth, equality, justice, democracy, presumed innocence, right to trial by peers, rule of evidence and the rule of law. Christians abolished absolute monarchy and made the people sovereign under God.

o Christianity, is the cornerstone of western liberal democracy, the origin of human rights, anti-discrimination and equality laws and principles (the Sinai Covenant).

o Christians developed the idea of one man one vote, consent of the governed, and government by the people for the people.

o Christianity provided the foundation for the capitalist economy, which now drives the entire world. From Christian foundations, the Christian Western World provides billions of dollars, food, medicine, clothing, books, and skills to the developing Third world.

o Christians created the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Rev. John Flynn), and the Australian wool industry (Rev Samuel Marsden) in Australia.

o Christianity, has the worlds first and best psychologist, sociologist, anthropologist and scientist, the Bible is a scientific study of social and political life using these scientific methods.

o Christianity, has the best leader, teacher, counsellor, helper, healer and judge the world has ever seen.

o Christianity, has answers and solutions to all social, political, economic, scientific, cultural, legal and personal problems, not only with guiding principles, tested by observation and scientific study (in the Bible) but with practical experience and proven examples throughout history.

Taken from Richard J Gibbs, BA, based on research by Dr Graham McLennan 08.07.05


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