2a.4: Biblical Creationism vs. Secular Creationism by Evolution and Chance

From the e-mail broadcast I sent to hundreds of Christians around the World:



Dear Christian Friend around the World, 

In this e-mail broadcast to many people around the world, I would like you to reexamine your viewpoint of origins … Where did we come from? In Australia where I come from, David Attenborough has been greatly featured on national TV. His program was: Galapagos Episode 2 7.30pm Sun 17 Mar ABC. The outline said: When this breathtaking new series continues, Sir David Attenborough explores the evolutionary history of the Galapagos and its life forms.

You look through many popular magazines, see other TV programs or go to a museum, you frequently come across many articles or viewpoints with an evolutionary basis. This viewpoint is often very well articulated into very rational reasons and evidences that we are here having originated through evolutionary origins of blind chances over vast periods of time. We are here by an original coming together of the right chemicals to make amino acids ….. the basic building blocks of protein which are the foundations of all livings things.

Then natural selection went further and selected out the best combinations of those proteins to make the first living organisms. Then natural selection went even further and began to select out new combinations (mutations) of  all living organisms including us as people.

This viewpoint in a general way, is responsible for the Materialistic Outlook in our Western World.  This Worldview assumes that this material world is all we have and is one of the most powerful conditioning forces. This view point is foundational in most of the University educational systems of the world, in much of what we read in magazines, books and what we see on TV. All spirituality is seen as a product of the human psyche. The world and universe is a material entity. It can therefore be explored by the mind in a purely rational scientific manner. All living things are simply complexes of material  organic molecules arranged through purely material means ie. materialistic evolution. All consciousness and mind is the same as the material world ie. there is nothing outside a materialistic world view.

The one basic flaw in this foundational view point is that there is no evidence for it actually working in the actual world. The driving force of natural selection on mutations for the very best doesn’t actually work. Mutations do not give  better combinations but always result in the opposite effect of the lessening of life possibilities.

In contrast to this viewpoint, is an understanding that you and all things around you are here by a Special Creator who is the Infinite – Personal GodA Christian Spirituality is based on what God has revealed initially through His transcendent Word ….. the Bible. This tells of how Man (This is a non gender description and includes male and female personhood)  was created from the earth ….. of the ground. This first earth man was breathed on by the breath (Spirit) of God and was formed in God’s image or likeness. This combination of Earth Man and Spirit Man made this Man  into a living being or living soul of mind, will and emotions. He didn’t have an Eternal Soul that went endlessly through reincarnations into one material form after another. He became a Living Soul through a combination of Earth and Spirit coming together.

The whole of this creation and the creation of the first Man was seen as absolutely having great value. It was VERY GOOD. This great sense of value underlies the transcendent Word from beginning to the end from the Special Creator. The first man and woman where placed in a special Garden to be stewards of all the Creator had created. They had a very special identity as they represented the Creator to all of His creation. This first Man and Woman were instructed to multiply and fill the earth as with the rest of the Creation. They had a continual special contact with their Creator. There was a real sense of community with their Creator with the rest of the Creation. It was all for the common good.

The Biblical record tells of how a disruption came between the first people in the Garden and their Creator. They disobeyed what their Creator had said to them through what is called ‘sin’ in the Biblical record. The consequence of their disobedience is in that they had to leave their special home in the Garden. Their future progeny began to see themselves as either of the earth only like the rest of the creation or they saw themselves as God as Eternal Souls that went endlessly through reincarnations into one material form after another. The Infinite – Personal God came to be seen as the Infinite – Impersonal God tying all the physical universe together ie. Pantheism.  The promise of the Infinite – Personal God to the first people was that He would bring about special restoration of His Creation in a new future Restoration.

In May last year I heard at a Brisbane Church Dr. Johnathan Sarfati from Creation Ministries International in America. He spoke at length on the topic: ‘The Greatest Hoax on Earth?’ …. refuting Dawkins on Evolution.’ Richard Dawkins is probably the most famous evolutionist, anti creationist and atheist today, and a staunch admirer of Charles Robert Darwin (1809–1882). He wrote the book: The Greatest Show on Earth ‘. Has Dawkins overreached himself? Could his challenge be a huge opportunity for Christians?The Greatest Hoax on Earth? meets Dawkins’ The Greatest Show on Earth head-on. Dr. Sarfati firmly and comprehensively answers Dawkins’ challenge, chapter after chapter, covering a vast range of disciplines in his trademark crisp, clear style. He convincingly shows, for those with ears to hear, that to believe the Bible’s account of Creation/Fall/Redemption straightforwardly not only does not commit intellectual suicide, it is if anything the intellectually superior position.

In the process, he also ably exposes the types of deceitful tactics utilized in many anti-creation arguments. (Hence the ‘hoax’ in the Sarfati book’s title; CMI of course does not claim that people teach and promote evolution while disbelieving it.)

Harriet, my wife, brought Dr. Johnathan’s book for me as a birthday present. I read it avidly , it is so well written. (I have read it three times till  February 2016  … there is so much to it). It can be seen on the website:


I strongly suggest you buy the book and read it from  the  Book Depository in the United Kingdom ….. millions of books available …. Delivery around the world is free.


New Earth Community is a  global Cyberspace  Christian Community networked by the love of Jesus. This Community is facilitated by Ken Aitken in Australia and is community of people who have chosen to follow Jesus Christ. Jesus’s  focus is on an internal, invisible change of heart. It was not on an external, visible keeping of certain standards and religious laws.

The purpose of this community is to reflect on what it means to follow Jesus Christ in a modern context. This community  aims to develop and maintain  in you and many others  an awesome relationship with the infinite – personal God through Jesus Christ.

My wife Harriet and I in this e-mail broadcast would like to really personalise this community. We wish to do this with photos of ourselves, some words and other websites to this one. As the internet and e-mail is quite impersonal (unless you know the people directly), we invite you to share some photos of yourself, some words of what you are focused on in your life. We would love to share with others it means  for you to follow Jesus Christ in your context.


Ken and Harriet on their May 2010 holiday trip to the South Island of New Zealand.


House 1

OUR HOUSE: Ken & Harriet’s  House’ is a  hand-built house  built  using human creativity…… a house with a lot of history. It isn’t a historical house but it is  a house built out  of  recycled pieces which have lot of history. We live in this amazing house built out of rejects for A$32,000.00  in 1981 (32 years ago from 2013). See the website post:  a house we built from recycled materials in 1981 on our  personal experience’s website.

 House with steps

HAND-BUILT STAIRCASE:  I hand built this staircase myself from timber slabs from a slab  hut at Boonah  from the 1800’s …..  how I built  it, see the note below:

I had a little landscape design office upstairs from 1981 -1984. I would climb up an aluminum ladder  to get to the office.  I certainly  needed a better access to get to the office.  In 1984 I saw an advertisement in a local paper that a farmer down at Boonah near us, was selling big split timber slabs from and old hut on his land.

To  obtain these slabs  is a very rare thing. When settlers came out in the late 1880’s into the dry Australian bush, they wanted to clear the land  of trees and create open space for their cattle. They split the trees with wedges to  form timber slabs for  a hut on their land.  They also made  post and rail fences: horizontal rails and bigger posts to go in the ground.

When the farmer had bought his land many years ago, it  had  one of the split timber huts on his land. After many years, termites,  ate out the round log rafters and the whole  hut fell in. The  farmer  was selling the slabs at A$4.00 each  so  I bought a whole truckload of them. I used some of them to build this staircase.

For the vertical banister posts, I went over the road  with one of my labourers  where there about 100 acres of dry bush. We found a small  round log where weathering had taken all the sapwood off and left the hard deeply creviced heartwood. See the  photograph  above. People often comment on my use of big timber pegs but have  also used big  hidden nails to secure the steps. I then used one of the slabs as the banister rail, cut down with an  electric  saw and electric  plane.


Ken Aitken


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