HC 9.0: NEW EARTH COMMUNITY …. The Actual Community as of April 2013

New Earth Community is a global Cyberspace Christian Community networked by the love of Jesus. This Community is facilitated by Ken Aitken in Australia and is a community of people who have chosen to follow Jesus Christ. Jesus’s focus is on an internal, invisible change of heart. It was not on an external, visible keeping of certain standards and religious laws.

The purpose of this community is to reflect on what it means to follow Jesus Christ in a modern context. This community  aims to develop and maintain  in you and many others  an awesome relationship with the infinite – personal God through Jesus Christ.

My wife Harriet and I in this email broadcast would like to really personalise this community. We wish to do this with photos of ourselves, some words and other websites to this one. As the internet and email is quite impersonal (unless you know the people directly), we invite you to share some photos of yourself, some words of what you are focused on in your life. We would love to share with others it means  for you to follow Jesus Christ in your context.

DSC00079Ken and Harriet on their May 2010 holiday trip to the South Island of New Zealand.

This was on their Milford Sound section of their trip.


House 1

Ken & Harriet’s  House is a  hand-built house  built  using human creativity a house with a lot of history. It isn’t a historical house but it is  a house built out of  recycled pieces which have lot of history. We live in this amazing house built out of rejects for minimal money (40 years ago from 2021).

See these posts:


 House with steps

HAND-BUILT STAIRCASE: I built by hand this staircase myself with the help from a labourer. Four years after we built the house in 1981, we just had an aluminum ladder going from the floor level up to the raised floor. This floor level ran right through to the back western end of the house. The first area was initially a small recessed area which acted as storage area divided off by a small wall. In recent years it was converted into a small office for Anthony my son before he moved out. Then the office became a space for my daughter.

The staircase was built by hand initially using two sides of recycled 75 mm thick timbers left over from the house construction. These were securely fastened down to the downstairs floor level and up to the raised floor. I then carefully measured the step height and allowed for sufficient steps. I had previously obtained a whole truckload of hand split hardwood slabs I had bought very cheaply off a farmer down at Boonah, a nearby country town. The farmer had pulled down in 1984, a very old (100 year old) pioneer hut on his land as the rounded bush log rafters had been eaten out over time by termites. I had heard about the slabs through an advertisement in the local paper. See what slab construction looks like in early Australian history when we went to Timbertown at Wauchope in December 2012.

See this website.


The Keith Allen Family and Community:

We live in North Ringwood, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Elizabeth is in charge of Home Economics at Nunawading Christian College. She is also dedicated to making Jesus known in the power of the Holy Spirit and is a facilitator of prayer ministry. Elizabeth and I pastor those who desire a deeper life in a personal and non-institutionalized mode. We aim to minister Jesus healing physically and spiritually. More to the point we aim to assist Believers to find their life in Jesus as sons and daughters of God and to minister in the authority of His Kingdom.

I am engaged in full time web ministry. We desire that people know that the life of God is not found in Christianity or the church but in Jesus. We advocate Jesus as our life. Our website is http://www.christyourlife.org. We also have a web ministry to Seventh-day Adventists entitled: http://adventist1alive.com.

Our daughter Meredith is studying psychology at Swinburne University of Technology. Meredith desires to see people move from the forms of Christianity into the reality of a Jesus Life.

My son Brooke and His wife Jen specialise in oriental therapies and work in Hobart, Tasmania.

I have included some photos.

1. Keith, Elizabeth and Meredith in New Zealand.


2. Meredith and Elizabeth.


3. Meredith with her sword from Lord of the Rings.


4. Brooke and His wife Jen.


Fun and Joy to You!


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