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From a worldwide  email broadcast I sent out:

Dear Christian Friend around the World,

Ken Aitken is an online missionary with Global Media Outreach in virtually face to face contact on the internet. They have 90 + websites around the world in different languages with the purpose of encouraging people to become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. They receive 2.5 million emails a month from around the world and currently only have 4,000 volunteers answering these emails.
The purpose of this post is to identify and consolidate contact with people such as you if you are open to this understanding or someone you will meet in the future. These people may like to join as an online missionary and do what I do after listening the webinar and seeing the website as given below. It is a small part of being part of a worldwide multi – ethnic community with people who only connect personally with yourself as the online connect person.
When I joined 4.5 years ago, I said that I could answer three of these e-mails a day in English only. I cannot read Chinese or Arabic (I haven’t lived long enough to learn these languages), only English. I now receive emails from people in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bangladesh, Turkey, China, Morocco, Vietnam, Philippines, Nigeria, India, Jamaica, Kenya, USA, Uzbekistan etc. etc. I never know where they will come from. It is very exciting for me as some of these people have never met a Christian before. I am the first person they meet as a Christian. Internet Evangelism and Ongoing Mission has taken on a huge face in the whole area of Christian Mission.

There are three kinds of people who email me:

  • Those who are becoming followers of Jesus Christ for the first time ever
  • Those who are recommitting their lives to Jesus Christ again
  • Those who are already followers of Jesus Christ and want to grow in their faith

The Internet is opening up new opportunities for reaching people like never before. Over 26% (1.8 billion) of the worlds population now have Internet accesses. Today 300,000 people will visit one of the 90+ websites developed by Global Media Outreach and its partners. 30,000 of these people will make a spiritual decision and 7,000 will ask for personal follow up.
They need your help! Each of these people needs to be connected with someone who can help them on the next step of their spiritual journey. Will you be that someone? Will you respond to their email? Right now there are people willing to line up outside YOUR door for online volunteers for this mammoth task. and wait for YOU to answer their questions. We currently have only have a little over 4,000  volunteers for this mammoth task.
Here is a new webinar for explaining the latest developments at Global Media Outreach (GMO). These concerns should be a concern of ours with what Jesus said in Matt 24:14: And this good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the world, as a testimony to all the nations; and then the end will come.
The new GMO webinar:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzVLqV6HlXw&feature=youtu.be. It is AWESOME!!
So far since mid August 2010, I have been able to support over several thousand people who have expressed a desire to become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ or they are in one other of the two groups given above. Would you like to become part of this to encourage others to become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ? See the website at:


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God greatly bless,


Ken Aitken

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