HP 6.2: The Front Garden Room

The  Garden around the whole  House:

Is a series of interconnecting Garden Rooms  ….  The whole garden has been

designed  as a series  of linked garden rooms.  Each  garden room has a

different function  but has creates a real sense of belonging. It may not be

open space but it has  sense of unity different to the next garden room.



There is a timber gate entry into the front garden room.  It has over it a native Pandorea  vine

which gives  white tubular flowers in season. This gives a soft entry or exit from the

front garden room.


To the right of  the timber gate entry, is a hand built timber planter box. I make

heaps of compost in a big heap down the back from green  waste, scraps  and all our thrown

  out paper and cardboard. Compost is an earthy-smelling, humus-like material

that is a product of the controlled aerobic decay of organic nitrogen. Bacteria

break this all down into a  rich black residue  that holds many times it weight in

water. The planter box is filled with compost then seedlings like poppies  are

planted  in this compost. See  the  results below.



In the previous year,  tulips  grew  and flowered.  In Subtropical Queensland,

you do not grow tulips as it is to warm. They like colder climates  as  down  in

Southern Australia or overseas.  What we do is to trick the tulip bulbs in getting them

to think they have gone through winter overseas. We put  them in the fridge crisper in

April / May, then we take them out and plant them in late May. They grow and flower

in late August. Below is the result !

009aTulips planted in  a  separate pots


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