HP 35: ENVIRONMENTAL MEDITATION …. A Christian Wholistic Experience


a. Renewing the Human Spirit and rest for the mind.

b. Being able to sense the Creation in a new way and develop a distinctly Christian wholistic experience of it vs. A New Spirituality  holistic experience.

c. Being able to learn techniques for unwinding in a simple way to relieve the stress of daily living.

d. Learn to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and hear what God has to say to you.

e. Learning to have a quiet time before God in daily/weekly one hour sessions.

1. Awareness: Find a chair, log or rock: 0.25 Hr. >> Quiet one self / leave the stress and day behind.

>Take pad and pen / quietly begin to focus on the natural surroundings.
>Begin to relax and unwind.
>Expect to hear and see things that one has not seen before.
>On the pad, begin to note any natural sounds (breeze in the leaves, bird calls), sensations (eg. breeze on the skin, warm sunlight), any particular scents and smells of the bush. Describe them and your reaction to them. Concentrate on the natural rhythm and cadence of the sounds. Sense their soothing sounds and sensation. Sense even the silence and just enjoy this as a very precious thing.

Next 0.34 Hr. >
2. Personal unwinding:
Begin to pray that God will give you understanding of your own situation: Pray for personal self awareness. Write down where you at. Write out the problems you are grappling with. Get them out of your system and onto the paper as though they no longer belong to you now.

3. Christian Praying: Begin to thank God for who he is, thank Him for what you are experiencing, begin to praise him for the situation (good, bad or indifferent), you are in, offer them to Him to resolve. Begin to expect God to speak to you so that you get some answers. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit (As a help, read at a later date, Mark Virklers book `Dialogue with God.

4. Praying the Scriptures: Bring your Bible with you and select a passage from the Psalms. Begin to walk around and pray the passage to yourself out aloud.
Isa 40: 31 `But those who hope in the LORD, will renew their strength. They will soar up on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.


1. Play soft environmental music in the car as you travel around. Even play it in the office in between phone calls.
2. Practise environmental meditation each morning as the sun is getting up. See the Earth as the fullness of the Lord.
3. Begin to use reading out aloud, the Psalms and their Creation themes as an aid to letting the Creation and the Lord speak to you.  eg. Ps 19:1 `The Heavens show the Glory of the Lord.

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