HP 28: Four things to help you grow in your new found faith

  1. Read your Bible on a daily basis. Especially the New Testament. The New King James Version of the Bible would be recommended, or the New International Version.
  2. Join a Bible believing Church or Fellowship in your area. Visit a few, and allow the Lord to direct you, in this regard. When you’ve found your spiritual home (your church), Get involved in any area of helps that you have passion about, and help the Pastor where ever possible, make yourself available. Tithe and give offerings to your church and other ministries, and bless your pastor where possible.
  3. Fellowship with other believers. Relationships with other believers are essential to your spiritual growth. Join a home cell, or small group.  If your church has this kind of structure.
  4. Develop a Prayerful Relationship with your Heavenly Father. Pray daily, by talking to God about your life, and decisions. Get some good Biblical material and study on how to effectively develop your prayer life. One thing I have found very effective is journalling that grows out this prayer life. A new identity in what God thinks of you leads to a new passion in life and what God have called you to do. God thinks you is  AWESOME!! He wants you to be with Him for eternity. To enable that, He sent Jesus Christ into the world 2000 years ago to bring this about. The Father in Heaven gave you the Holy Spirit when he committed his  life to Jesus in the beginning. He wants him  to have two – way relationship with Him ….. this why he has the Holy Spirit is already living  in him.

This can be thing of the head or of the heart ….. the centre of your life. He can know this in rational way in the outer part of your being or let it sink deep inside into his  whole being. The message of Jesus is wholistic of spirit, soul (mind, will and emotions) and body.

One practical application of this understanding that I and my wife Harriet find  wonderful, is journalling. Take a new exercise book and begin by asking God a question.  As you wait  in a quiet reflective meditative state, the Holy Spirit  will give you  awareness and insights into things that you has never thought of. You can write down and  communicate these things to like-minded people.  The future is endless!!


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