V: 1d. Biblical Creationism vs. Secular Creationism by Evolution and Chance ….. a comment by Ken Aitken

Evolution is a nonsensical philosophy on the origins of life. As a  philosophy, it doesn’t match the actual world. The philosophy says the world develops by chance and mutations in living things which select out the best mutations to give a better living organism.

On the other hand, when you look at living organisms, you find incredible, intricate designs. I personally know about design. For twenty years, I ran a small Landscape Design and Construction Company undertaking very creative, individual designer gardens for wealthy residential clients around Brisbane in Australia. I was an artistic person, a lateral thinker ….. more artist than businessman. I thought of a landscape as a three-dimensional piece of space that people walked through. This space changed with time as it grew and changed with the time of day. Shadows vs. sun patterns, boulders, colour, plants, trees, earth-forms, solid structures, and water. These were the ingredients I used. Unknowingly, I was a landscape sculptor. Rather an intangible product to sell and run a business with!! However, I built a structure for my life: my marriage, family, and business from this base.

I was a night owl, often working out the intricacy’s of a site late into the night. It didn’t happen by chance!


You find incredible, intricate designs when you look at the human brain. New technologies are shedding light on biology’s greatest unsolved mystery: how the brain really works.

  • INSIGHTSecrets of the Brain Secrets of the Brain. Remarkable experiments, bizarre medical conditions and stunning illustrations that reveal the inner workings of your mind. In this series, neuroscientist Dr. Jack Lewis goes in search of people with unusual neurological conditions that give us a fascinating insight into how our brains work.


In contrast to the viewpoint of Secular Creationism by Evolution and Chance is an understanding that you and all things around you are here by a Special Creator who is the Infinite – Personal God. A Christian Spirituality is the consequence.  A Christian Spirituality is based on what God has revealed initially through His transcendent Word ….. the Bible. This tells of how Man (This is a non-gender description and includes male and female person-hood) was created from the earth ….. of the ground. This first earth man was breathed on by the breath (Spirit) of God and was formed in Gods image or likeness. This combination of Earth Man and Spirit Man made this Man into a living being or living soul of mind, will, and emotions. He didn’t have an Eternal Soul that went endlessly through reincarnations into one material form after another. He became a Living Soul through a combination of Earth and Spirit coming together.

I discuss this more fully at:

2a.4 Biblical Creationism vs. Secular Creationism by Evolution and Chance


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