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Do you have a prayer need that you would like to post it on this website and have people pray for that need around the world? If you receive an answer, would you mind posting a response to that need being met?

Our God is the infinite  personal God of the Universe who created the whole thing in the beginning. That God is a real close community of Father, Son = Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. They made everything as an extension of their lives together as community and abundance for the other. They made the first man of the earth, they extended that sense of community and abundance for that first man and woman who came out of that man.

Even though things fell apart with the fall of the first human kind, God promised restoration in a coming Messiah who came in Jesus Christ. Through the resurrected Jesus, we can now be part of God special family on Earth and Gods final purpose in the future and in the here and now. In Romans 8:28 we read that:

  • All things everything we are involved with

  • for good  everything works out for ultimate good

  • Those who love God  those who have responded to Gods love for us

  • His Purpose. God has a big overarching purpose for this world and He has a personal purpose for you within that purpose

Harriet and I and our family have had answer after answer for specific prayers. I know about this in a major way. Read my recent story. God is really there. Do we know it!! The Recycled Man who had two lives as at October 2021



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