H 2.0: HORIZONTAL SPIRITUALITY …. a personal application of the cross

In a Christian framework, there is a very central focus: Jesus’s crucifixion on a Roman cross and His resurrection. This website is arranged around the meaning of the  Roman cross. The cross had two elements to it: A big vertical post that stood upright in the ground and a horizontal cross arm.

The big vertical post has a special meaning in that what is central is Jesus coming into the world 2,000 years ago. It is God coming to all of us as the God-man (Christ) so that we can have an ongoing relationship with the infinite-personal God of the universe.

The website is divided into two sections:

a. V: A Vertical Spirituality ….. A big vertical post of the cross, God coming to all of us as the God-man.

b. H: A Horizontal Spirituality ….. horizontal cross arm is the practical consequences of the grace of God in the big vertical post of the cross.


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