HORIZONTAL …. The Personal Dimension = HP

In a Christian framework, there is a very central focus: Jesus’s crucifixion on a Roman cross and His resurrection. This website is arranged around the meaning of the Roman cross. The cross had two elements to it: A big vertical post that stood upright in the ground and a horizontal cross arm. The big vertical post has a special meaning in that what is central to it, is Jesus coming into the world 2,000 years ago. It is God coming to all of us as the God-man so that we can have an ongoing relationship with the infinite-personal God of the universe.

The horizontal cross arm has two dimensions to it:

  1. A Communal Dimension: Central to a Christian Worldview is the idea and practice of ‘Being Church’ …. the regular communal gathering of the followers of Jesus Christ.  Being Church is when we celebrate our common unity in Jesus Christ.

2. A Personal Dimension: What is my personal, individual response to the horizontal cross arm?


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