A life – changing situation … Part 2


  • People are very important to Harriet & I. See the photographs at the bottom of  Post 1: The Outside Amphitheatre Garden Room  of our Amphitheatre in use at night with a large group of people
  • We are heavily involved in a nearby Christian church at Rochedale which is a Community Church rather than being a Corporation Church. We have a wonderful sense  of community there with different people
  • People are always being invited over for coffee  or a meal
  • In the last few  months we meet every two weeks with two other Christian couples at night  for a meal and afterward a time of communal sharing and building in Biblical edification (building up our Christian Spirituality) … see what I have written on my New Earth Community Post about Jesus Christ and community vs. organisation
  • Harriet (now she has retired) and I are closely involved with two Brain Injury survivor groups meeting at Browns Plains and  Logan Village.



  • I grew many Randia trees from seed which were planted as screening trees around the sides of our  property
  • See where I talk about Randia trees at:  Post 4: The Rainforest Garden Room


I call myself The Recycled/Restored Man. Many people have told me that they would never know I have had a brain injury.  I have gone to a new stage: “Beyond Being a Brain Injury Survivor into Being a Brain Injury Thriver”. To ”thrive” means to:  To prosper or flourish; be successful, to grow vigorously or luxuriantly, and improve physically. To thrive has more an image of a plant growing out of the ground. It has a sense of growing new green growth in a luxuriant way which is not normally possible given the situation the plant is in. It means growth in the midst of the given circumstances ….. good, bad, or indifferent for the better. Its roots are secure and it produces beautiful flowers with colour, scent, and seed for other living beings such as insects, animals, and people.

An overachiever, in contrast, is one who is driving oneself obsessively to reach defined goals ….. some of which are unreasonable. This means there is relentless work with all your efforts. It means being focused on achieving a goal in order to make yourself feel worthwhile.   It’s something that dominates and endeavours to control the circumstances. In order to cope, this person has concern only for themselves only to reach normally unattainable goals. They leave everyone else behind in attaining their goal.

A thriver has a sense of their relationship with others. 1 + 1 is not equal to two but more like

__________________________  ?????  vs. an overachiever where 1 + self effort = the goal


The Sustainable Life:

Life is like a tree with roots and fruits whereby Person – Family – Community – Universe is related in a wholistic way. I have developed the Sustainable Life. A Sustainable Life has the ability to be continually renewed and maintained every day. Each of these components act like legs on a tripod that sits on a large rock near the ocean. When the storms and waves of life come, if the legs are strong, the waves will go over you but you will sit firmly on the rock of life. If one of the legs is weak, the tripod of your life will fall over in what you could call an Unsustainable Life.

Read more about the Sustainable Life at this post but halfway down the page, see the particular files:


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