HP 18: Thrivers and not just Survivors in life

This is in contrast to the motto, Victim, Survivor, Over Achiever.

To thrive means to: Prosper or flourish; be successful, to grow vigorously or luxuriantly, and improve physically. To thrive has more an image of a plant growing out of the ground. It has a sense of growing new green growth in a luxuriant way which is not normally possible given the situation the plant is in. It means growth in the midst of the given circumstances, good, bad or indifferent for the better. Its roots are secure and it produces beautiful flowers with colour, scent, and seed for other living beings such as insects, animals, and people.

An overachiever has a slightly different emphasis. It means to to drive oneself obsessively in trying to reach unreasonable goals. An overachiever is one who is driving oneself obsessively to reach defined goals …… some of which are unreasonable. This means there is relentless work with all your efforts. It means being focused on achieving a goal in order to make yourself feel worthwhile.

It is something that dominates and endeavours to control the circumstances. In order to cope, this person has concern only for themselves only to reach normally unattainable goals. They leave everyone else behind in attaining their goal.

There is a story of two men in prison. In the morning one of the men looked out and saw the mud in the yard and that is what he talked about all the time. The other man looked up and saw the stars at night and talked about those stars about their brightness and beauty. This story is symbolic of the whole life. There is plenty of mud of life to talk about or there are stars in the sky to talk about.

A thriver has a sense of their relationship with others. 1 + 1 is not equal two but more like ___________________________________________????? (Synergistic effect) vs. an overachiever where 1 + self effort = the goal.

A survivor in life is a person who continues to function or prosper in spite of opposition, hardship, or setbacks.


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