What is Spirituality?


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Spirituality is the unseen dimension of Life. This unseen dimension of life has a direct effect of our lives here and now. It is a relationship with the universe and the personal higher power (God). We have an outer person (our physical body), middle person of mind, will and emotions, (our soul), inner person (our spirit). If our confidence and sense of identity is only in the first two areas, these can be taken from us in a moment but an ongoing personal relationship with a personal higher power (God) is a permanent restoring aspect of life (i.e. this is in our definition of a sustainable life).

More specifically then, our spirituality is implicit, i.e. is inward, self evident and undefined. It refers to how the individual lives meaningfully with the ultimate questions of life, his or her response to the deepest truths as he or she comprehends these. There is a very real invisible spiritual world. It answers such queries as:

  • Who we are as people?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What values should I live by?

It is much deeper than being a rational experience of the mind, or just a belief in something, but is a dynamic quality of life which interacts with everything you do. It has very practical effects on such things as your self image, your work, family, social network and the whole of life.
A spirituality view on the world is like seeing life through three kinds of people:

  • Those who see the trees in the forest: Living in the First Dimension
  • Those who see the spaces in between the trees in the forest …. valuing the spiritual and abstract things of life: Living in the Second Dimension
  • Those who both count the trees in the forest and see the spaces in between: Living in the Third Dimension


There are three spiritualities touched on in this website:

  • Jesus Christ Spirituality

  • Islamic Spirituality

  • New Spirituality


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